Pilot actions

ACCTING will be funding up to 10 pilot actions in 2023!


ACCTING will fund innovative pilot actions led by policymakers and other local stakeholders in policy domains of the Green Deal with the ambition to reduce or prevent inequalities and negative impacts on poorer, marginalised and vulnerable groups.

The innovative pilot actions will be selected through an Open Call that is expected to be launched in late Spring 2023 and will benefit from an initial set of Operational Guidelines and Recommendations. They will give the opportunity to local actors beyond members of the ACCTING consortium to engage with the activities of the project and use the project’s knowledge base to promote activities more broadly.

Pilot actions will be based on the results of experimental research lines and the Open Studios. The aim of pilots will be to illustrate ACCTING’s proposed guidelines and policy recommendations, increase their visibility, and demonstrate their potential impact. The pilot actions implementation will also provide valuable feedback towards the project’s final recommendations and future research agendas.


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