Open Studios

What are Open Studios?

Open Studios are workshops gathering participants from various fields with the aim to explore a specific topic collaboratively. The approach is a technique developed to design policies in a participative way bringing together multiple expertise, including the user experience.

An Open Studio is designed to:

  • produce ideas for concrete action,
  • gather input for recommendations to reshape policies,
  • identify questions that still need to be answered (missing insights or knowledge)


Research Creativity Solutions


Research Creativity Solutions and Outcomes


What are the outcomes?

As a result of this co-creation step, the project will then develop operational and actionable solutions at three levels:

  • Policy recommendations to improve Green Deal policies, avoiding increases in inequalities;
  • A set of pilot actions that demonstrate the potential impact of the recommendations
  • Agendas for future research

How does it work?

The Open Studios workshops will take place either in person or digitally. During an Open Studio, participants go through periods of divergence (exploring in an open way, brainstorming) and of convergence (bringing ideas together into concepts of potential solutions). The technique of personas is used to stimulate creativity, create empathy and to take some distance from the personal experience of the participants.

Who takes part in Open Studios?

Participants include ACCTING team members and invited external participants. Internal participants bring in the insights from the project activities, external participants bring in their expertise and creativity. The target is to have eight external participants in each Open Studio. They are identified because of their involvement with the theme of the Open Studio and can be civil society organisations representatives, policymakers, researchers, user-experts or more creative profiles like artists.

When are Open Studios taking place?

Each project cycle will include four Open Studios, starting in March 2023.


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