First meeting with the ten ACCTING pilot projects

Jan 29, 2024Blog, Project news

Concluding its first research cycle, ACCTING has delivered several ‘solution’ outputs, leading to the funding of ten innovative pilot projects.

The pilot projects funded by ACCTING aim to reduce or prevent inequalities and negative impacts on poorer, marginalised and vulnerable groups, to ensure a Green Deal where no one is left behind. Out of 135 eligible applications, ACCTING selected ten pilot projects addressing vulnerabilities in the areas of the European Green Deal: Energy, Mobility, Food, Disaster Management, and Biodiversity.


Co-creation and inspiration

On 23 and 24 January, the ACCTING consortium organised a workshop on the evaluation of the impact of the pilot projects. Over two days, ACCTING partners and representatives of the pilot projects gathered for a set of meetings and group activities in Rome, Italy. All ten pilot organisations were present: Dock, Ecomuseum Zagori, La Corriente, Institute of Romani Culture, Kokoza, Mamagea, Active Mobility, Aquí, Young Researchers of Serbia, and Per Esempio onlus.

This two-day workshop aimed to give the opportunity to all parties to get to know each other and clarify practicalities to ensure a smooth monitoring and evaluation process. The general evaluation process and the Impact Evaluation Framework were introduced, roles were defined and responsibilities highlighted.

Through a combination of Q&A sessions, group work, and presentations, pilot projects were able to connect, create synergies and inspire each other to ensure maximal impact for ACCTING and pilots alike.

Next steps

Pilot projects will run for up to 12 months. Each project will be monitored by members of the ACCTING consortium. Based on the project proposal, pilots are given specific criteria so the impact of the project can be evaluated.

This workshop is the first of a series which is part the monitoring process of the ACCTING pilot projects. Bilateral monitoring and evaluation meetings involving pilot implementation teams and ACCTING partners will take place regularly throughout the pilots’ lifetime.


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