ACCTING Webinar: Building resilience to natural disasters

Apr 14, 2024Blog, Events, Project news

Building resilience to natural disasters:

Valorising local communities
and solidarity networks

Tuesday 4 June 2024

1:00pm – 2:00pm CET


Based on insights developed in ACCTING research activities and experience from related projects and initiatives, this webinar will explore the vital role of local communities and indigenous knowledge in responding to natural disasters and preserving ecosystems.

Webinar agenda

– Introduction

– Presentation of ACCTING findings:

    • Research insights on the role of local communities in responding to natural disasters and preserving ecosystems.
    • On-the-ground perspectives, drawing on the example of how the Civil Protection system in Florence responds to natural disasters such as floods, with an intervention from Lucia Cavina from the Municipality of Florence
    • Policy recommendations to better value indigenous and local knowledge in disaster management and nature protection.

– Open discussion, perspectives from related projects, and Q/A

We are delighted that this webinar has been selected as an EU Green Week partner event. Find out more about the programme of the EU Green Week 2024.

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