Oslo as an age-friendly city

Oct 10, 2023Inspiring initiative, Norway, Sustainable Mobility

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Oslo, Norway


Supporting the independence of senior citizens


As life expectancy continues to rise, the Nordic region is seeing a steady increase in an ageing population. The municipality of Oslo, Norway, initiated a series of action to make the city more age friendly.

The overall vision of the work follows the WHO’s overarching definition of creating an age-friendly city that is inclusive, with an available and accessible urban environment that promotes active ageing. The initiative covers different areas:

  • Social participation: All citizens have the opportunity to participate in society, engage in public debate and be involved in influencing the developments of the city.
  • Transport: All citizens have access to the entire city, use public transport and feel safe while travelling. Senior citizens maintain their mobility and independence.
  • Housing: Familiar environments and adapted surroundings promote safety. Adapted housing offers a foundation for enabling more seniors to master everyday life in their own homes.
  • Outdoor areas and physical activity: Urban spaces and green areas in neighbourhoods are adapted for use by all age groups.
  • Communication and participation: The senior population in Oslo has access to relevant, understandable, up-to-date, and reliable information.
  • Health and care services: Seniors receive good help and comprehensive support when they need it, and experience a sense of achievement and safety in their lives.

A specific transportation service is being tested in several city districts. It includes door-to-door transportation with space for rollators and usually has one wheel chair spot per ride, targeting a user group above the age of 67. The driver is trained to handle older people with mobility or cognitive challenges. This type of age-friendly transportation is new to Oslo and combines social interaction and user-friendliness. The concessionary ticket price and prospect of socialising are good motivators for getting out and about more often than before. In addition to the individual’s benefit of the age-friendly transportation service, it also has a more positive environmental footprint than individual taxi services.

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