Launch of ACCTING: AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal

May 20, 2022Project news

On 15 and 16 February 2022 the new EU-funded project ACCTING, which aims to tackle inequalities exacerbated by Green Deal policies and advance behavioural change, was kicked off with a two-day hybrid meeting. Representatives from the 12 consortium members based in 11 European countries (France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Germany) gathered to launch this ambitious 40-month research project. Over the two days of this meeting, partners presented their respective tasks and contributions to project objectives, discussing critical points and timeline. 

ACCTING aims to analyse the impact of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups and produce knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change at individual and collective levels for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal. 

Running until May 2025, the project has four main expected impacts: 

  • Make visible the effects of the Green Deal on vulnerable people and the emergence of new forms of discrimination and inequality 
  • Empower policymakers to take measures that alleviate or mitigate the adverse effects of decisions associated with the Green Deal on inequalities and vulnerable groups 
  • Stimulate initiatives taken by citizens and NGOs to involve society and more specifically vulnerable groups to adapt their behaviour to climate change and use these to inspire and facilitate their uptake 
  • Develop new concepts of bottom-up initiatives that have positive impacts on inequalities and discriminations to inspire policymakers and other stakeholders to roll these out and develop them further. 

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