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May 5, 2023Clean Energy, Inspiring initiative

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ACCTING aims to understand the impact of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups, prevent inequalities, and produce knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change at individual and collective levels for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal. This bottom-up initiative was collected by Marina Cacace, Gabriele Olivati and Francesca Puglies within ACCTING’s mapping of inspiring practice cases, within the Energy Poverty Research Line. Read our report on all 693 mapped initiatives.

Speranza Cooperative, Italy

Accelerating the clean energy transition

Speranza Cooperative, an Italian organisation based in Candiolo, in the province of Turin, operates in the zoo-technical industry and offers its goods directly to the public. It has a prominent role in the region as it contributes to the environment and the circular economy enabling the reuse of residues and waste. Along with generating meat and milk, the project has long been involved in the field of sustainable energy for years.

A successful initiative

The initiative installed two biogas plants called Ecomax®10 BIO cogeneration systems. This innovative solution converts animal and agriculture waste into power and heat. The amount of electrical power and thermal energy generated by these pants is eight million kW/ annually 70% of it goes to the local centre for cancer research. Also, the project recently integrated an agricultural biomethane plant that transforms agricultural waste into liquid sustainable fuel, aiming at producing 2,000 tons annually.

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