An ambitious vision for the largest protected area in Italy

Apr 13, 2023Biodiversity, Climate Action, Inspiring initiative

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Pollino National Park, Italy

A national treasure

The Pollino National Park, the largest newly established protected area in Italy, covers almost 200 000 hectares between Calabria and Basilicata. The Pollino area is also home to several high mountains and an enourmous variety of species. According to park’s website: “In 2015 the Park became part of the European and global Geoparks network under the aegis of UNESCO.”

A vision to preserve and protect the park

The project intended to encourage the preservation and the protection of Pollino Park while promoting contact with the natural environment and stimulating an interest in a healthy lifestyle. The ambitious mission wouldn’t have been possible without the close collaboration between the Pollino National Park Authority, determined volunteers and third sector organizations.

To plan for effective conservation of the geological, natural, historical and cultural heritage of the area, the civil defense network developed a group of passionate participants, mostly volunteers and citizens living in the area, to benefit from the activities of the park. For example, school students enjoy the experience of the Pollino National Park through environmental education activities. The initiative also pays special attention to vulnerable population such as disabled and elderly by taking care of their adequate accessibility to the park.

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