ACCTING Factsheet: Empowering employees to help mitigate Climate Change – A business-employees alliance promoting behavioural change towards achieving Green Deal goals

Oct 2, 2023Blog, Project news

Empowering employees to become agents of change 

Recognising the important role that companies can play towards fighting Climate Change and based on the preliminary findings of the ACCTING project, we provide a framework for companies to promote inclusiveness and Green Deal policies within their own workforce. The recommendations span aspects including knowledge creation, incentives, and encouragement of collective initiatives. They are addressed to companies of all sizes, as well as organisations that collectively represent companies at the local or sectoral level. The goal is to empower employees to become agents of change within the company and their communities, recognising and addressing issues that link Climate Change with pre-existing, amplified or newly created vulnerabilities and inequalities. In this new factsheet, ACCTING develops recommendations for businesses and employers to promote behavioural change among employees.

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Co-creating Inclusive Climate Adaptation Solutions: ACCTING at EURESFO

Co-creating Inclusive Climate Adaptation Solutions: ACCTING at EURESFO

In June ACCTING participated in the 11th European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) in Valencia, Spain, the 2024 European Green Capital. EURESFO is a collaborative initiative by the European Environment Agency and ACCTING project partner ICLEI Europe. The 2024 edition, held during the Valencia Cities Climate Week, brought together representatives from cities and regions across Europe to discuss climate resilience and sustainable urban development. 

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