A community network to observe the impact of floods

Apr 13, 2023Climate Action, Inspiring initiative

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ACCTING aims to understand the impact of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups, prevent inequalities, and produce knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change at individual and collective levels for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal. This bottom-up initiative was collected by Thomas le Gallic within ACCTING’s mapping of inspiring practice cases, within the Valorising local knowledge on natural hazards Research Line. Read our report on all 693 mapped initiatives.

SO-II project, France

Developing and monitoring a long-term observation network

The SO-II project was funded in 2019 by MUSE-Montpellier University of Excellence. It has a promising vision; building a Flood Impact Observers Network aiming to develop innovative tools to observe the impacts of floods which will provide the necessary intervention for vulnerable groups: residents, farmers and entrepreneurs exposed to natural phenomena. To enlarge this network, field surveys have been conducted where respondents agreed to be part of this observation group. The network is maintained and developed through workshops and telephone interviews.

Observing the floods impact for better adaptive measures

The project gathers leading actors from different disciplines who work together on integrated and adaptive water management issues. There are three tasks carried out within this initiative:

(1) Creating and monitoring a long-term network of people facing the risk of floods: to raise awareness about the issue and disseminate knowledge while involving the participants in the project’s mission.

(2) Acknowledging the lessons learnt from previous floods: to allow the exchange of expertise between key actors, analyze and understand the combined effects of these floods thus estimate of the impacts of these natural disasters on the study area.

(3) Monitoring of the adaptation of the buildings through field surveys conducted in the study area: to identify options for governance and adaptation in a complex and uncertain environment.

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