Mapko Connects Community Gardens

Mapko Connects Community Gardens is a project led by Kokoza, in response to ACCTING’s call for pilots Garden BnB – An exchange platform between actors involved with community gardens or agrifood systems. This call aims to improve visibility, access, connections and practices in the field of sustainable and inclusive urban agriculture, involving vulnerable groups while creating and developing a shared repository of knowledge.

Kokoza supports urban residents in the Czech Republic in composting and cultivation, with the aim to enhance the harmony between humans and nature. The organisation fosters partnerships with public institutions and companies, aiding them in sustainability, corporate culture development, community gardens, and organic waste management.


The core of the project is the revitalisation of the Mapko platform, which serves as a centralised hub for community gardens and composting sites, to encourage the creation of new gardens in the Czech Republic. Through the development of into an interactive platform, fostering a collaborative network, enhancing visibility, and promoting inclusivity, the initiative aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and inclusive urban agriculture community that benefits all stakeholders, including vulnerable groups.


  • Update and expansion of the Mapko map, registering missing actors and information and adding new locations
  • Organisation of “Rhizomes” meetings, connecting key actors such as coordinators of community gardens, gaderners and composting experts
  • Publication of information and guidance online on the topics of composting, gardening, the establishment of community gardens, and the management of organic waste
  • Participatory evaluation over a one-day seminar, to assess the project’s impact in an inclusive way


Expected impact

The project will foster community engagement by bringing together community garden enthusiasts online as well as through meaningful offline interactions to address pertinent garden-related challenges.

The project is not only a short-term revitalisation effort but also a blueprint for sustained impact. The platform and events can be easily adapted for use in other regions or countries.


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