InclusivECs awards: encouraging the inclusion of vulnerable groups in energy communities

“Premios inclusivECs: impulsando comunidades inclusivas” (inclusivECs awards: promoting inclusive communities) is a project led by La Corriente, in response to ACCTING’s call for pilots Awards for inclusive energy communities. This call aims to provide a valuable platform for energy communities to exchange their experiences and knowledge, fostering collaboration and learning among them.

La Corriente (LCTE) is an Citizen Energy Community from Madrid, Spain. The non-profit energy coop, counting over 1000 members, was set up in 2015 and is involved in projects promoting a fair energy and inclusive transition for social justice. The project focuses on energy communities in Spain.


The inclusivECs Awards will recognise initiatives and practical examples of inclusion of vulnerable groups in energy communities (ECs) in Spain. The focus will be on good practices, projects, initiatives, and ideas from energy communities working with people suffering from energy poverty to achieve social justice.


  • Online forum: the 2-day forum will be a platform for similar ECs initiatives to get together and spread the word about the potential of energy communities for social change.
  • Award ceremony: Held in Madrid, Spain, the ceremony will enable all applicants to meet and exchange face-to-face.
  • Policy brief: a policy brief report for citizens, policymakers and ECs named “Practical ideas for inclusion in an energy community” will address policies and economic models’ ideas as well as other topics brought up during the online forum.

Expected impact

The inclusivECs Awards will have a direct impact on vulnerable groups, as one of the award scoring criteria will be that initiatives define how they implement actions for vulnerable groups. The award will aim to be replicated yearly.


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