Uključi se! (Get involved!): supporting green initiatives

Uključi se! (Get involved!) is a project led by Young Researchers of Serbia, in response to ACCTING’s call for pilots “Series V” Kickstarting Volunteerism: Crowd-funding approach to stimulate volunteers for climate change initiatives. This call aims to help connect individuals and organisations who have projects and ideas for efforts to advance socio-ecological transformation with volunteers who are ready to contribute to those efforts.

Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) – one of the biggest NGOs in Serbia supporting green initiatives coming from citizens, informal groups and NGOs – will create a digital community of volunteers and contributors that will kickstart good green practices and support Serbia’ sustainable development process.


The project will create a unique platform that would serve those who want to promote their initiatives and get support for their local actions, as well as to those willing to donate time and resources to support them. The digital platform “Uključi se!” will be a place to connect projects and local actions with NGOs, CSOs, private companies as well as individuals. The aim is to support small ideas that would motivate others to get involved and continue working on sustainable development and climate change.

The project will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


  • Developing the first digital platform for volunteers that promotes and supports green projects by individuals, informal citizens’’ groups and organisations and stimulates networking and collaboration
  • Promoting volunteering and individual actions tackling pressing issues in relation to sustainable development and climate change that can multiply in the local community
  • Motivating corporations to engage in public activities that promote environmental protection


Expected impact

Digitalisation can support and accelerate sustainable development and help in climate change adaptation. Local communities will benefit from the project by having positive changes in environmental and climate change awareness, higher visibility and involvement of its citizens. In addition, promotion of local actions will bring benefit other communities as they will have good practices to follow. The platform which will be developed can serve to bridge communities and connect them.


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