Edu Move: Boosting bike use in suburban Tirana (Albania)

Edu Move is a project led by Active Mobility, in response to ACCTING’s call for pilots Green to school: sustainable commutes. This call aims to increase the uptake of sustainable mobility options in peripheral school context.

Active Mobility is a non-governmental organisation in Tirana, Albania, aiming to make green mobility more accessible and affordable to vulnerable groups in Albania, while raising awareness about the benefits of cycling.



The project aims to increase green mobility among youngsters from low-income families in suburb Tirana with a history of internal migration through cycling. This will lead to improved air quality, safer bike routes, stronger social interaction and willingness to involve in cycling activity as a sport, and an increased feeling of belonging in society.

Activities will focus on the municipality of Kamëz located in Tirana County, Albania.


Research and Fieldwork:

  • Conducting a survey in 5 secondary schools to understand transportation habits and attitudes toward cycling
  • Identifying potential local partners such as bike shops willing to offer discounts
  • Researching potential routes for cycling and bike racks focusing on safety, accessibility and convenience

Awareness and Education:

  • Organising school engagement meetings to raise awareness about the benefits of cycling
  • Conducting workshops to introduce the basics of biking, safety measures and bike maintenance


  • Implementing the programme across all 5 secondary schools in Kamëz Municipality
  • Setting up a Bike to School Day to encourage mass participation
  • Organising a competition among pupils to celebrate bike use


Expected impact

The project will promote green mobility among youngsters, their peers and families. Participating schools will become pioneers, potentially influencing policies in the local or national level. The project will also address sustainability by embedding cycling education within the school curriculum. The project can be replicated in other areas by scaling up and down the core activities to fit the needs of different regions.


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