Research line 6: Values associated with food

Values associated with Environmentally Sustainable Food Consumption (ESFC) as a function of age, gender, vulnerability to the Green deal and country/culture.

This research line focuses on the study of values associated with environmentally sustainable and non-sustainable food. Value is a complex construct that may depend on culture, beliefs, dietary practices influenced by geographical location and food availability, biology and group beliefs and attitudes.  

The objective is to identify the key factors that lead to a change in values associated with environmentally sustainable food (ESF) consumption, as well as the factors that create barriers towards ESF practices, with a focus on social justice and socially vulnerable groups.

Research approach

As values are significantly influenced by cultural factors, case studies will be investigated in five countries including Belgium, Greece, Romania, Sweden and Turkey to allow for socio-cultural diversity.

Research cycle #1

May 2022 – April 2023

An exploratory qualitative methodology will be implemented by conducting a hybrid method of narratives and semi-structured interviews. The expected outputs of this cycle include:

  • 50 case studies, 
  • 5 country level reports,  
  • a consolidated research line report.

Research Cycle #2

April 2023 – January 2025 

An experimental approach will be used, based on the knowledge gathered in cycle 1, and on computerised behavioural paradigms, to study the implicit automatic values associated with food, with the aim of relating them to actual behaviour. The expected outputs of this cycle are:

  • a report on key findings, 
  • a report on interdependencies and best strategies. 

Expected impacts

Overall, the research line aims to contribute to the understanding of values (social, ethical, emotional, functional, religious and epistemic) associated with ESF practices in socially vulnerable groups in different cultures. This knowledge could inform all actors in the value chain from Farm to Fork, with a view to empowering socially vulnerable groups to become drivers of change.


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